Windows Automatic PC Back up

There are many ways to back up your computer files on your PC hard drive without using any software that will cost you a lot of money.

Why would you choose to avail of costly software if there is an alternative and easy way to back up your files right in your own PC? The most customizable way of backing up data from your hard drive is using some homemade script.

In this article, you will be taught how to create a simple script that will cover your whole hard drive on the first run. To be more specific, in each successive run of the script, only the modified script will be backed up. Here’s a guide to help you set up Windows automatic backup that will automatically back up your files without interrupting your work flow and hampering your productivity. You won’t experience again unnecessary loss of files!

Here are the four options that you may do for your PC backup:

  1. Data backup without using any extra software
  2. Data backup at schedule intervals by using Windows Task Scheduler
  3. Backup files at the times you changed on shutdown with the use of Xecutor
  4. Data backup at scheduled intervals by using AutomaticDailyBackup.bat

Create a backup script.

The very first thing to do is to type a backup script:

Open Notepad and then type the following text into it, (cd c:) and (xcopy c: e:AutomaticDailyBackup /s /e /t /h /D).

It should be noted that you must type it on  separate lines and that the script will be saved on external location e:, but you may change it if you want.

If it is not automatically created in a folder then you should manually create and save it with the name “AutomaticDailyBackup.bat”.

Create shortcut for automatic back up.

After creating files on notepad, you may now use it to automatically backup your files without using software. First click the files and then create shortcut and move it to start then to programs and last to Startup, with this, it will now automatically backup your files every time you log in.

Use Windows Task Scheduler.

Using the Windows Task Scheduler, you may also backup your files using it because it has a backup utility built in. It is preferably advise to use AutomaticDailyBackup file for the hard drive for a reason that it has a better control of the backup process.

Download and run Xecutor.

The third way to back up your data requires to have Xecutor that is available on its website for FREE, after downloading it you must run it and then shut down your PC and at the moment you will see some figure then click on the green plus sign on the properties and lastly click Ok.

Run scheduled task on control panel.

Last, you may backup in other way using Windows Task Scheduler. Open the control panel then performance and maintenance and there you will see scheduled tasks. Launch the program then add schedule and find the Automaticdailybackup.bat and click OK.

The above given will surely help you to prevent any loss of files in the future without spending money for solution.

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