Can you backup using external devices?

You can use external disk or drive. Backing up can be done using external devices such as CD, floppy disk, and DVD burners. They serve as your data storage.
External backups can also be done using Universal Serial Bus (USB) flash drives which are highly recommended and for small content data. A flash drive is handy. However, this drive usually fails and not recommended for long term usage.

How else can I prevent data loss?

Aside from backing up your computer files, secure files in your computer by hiding the valuable data. Never expose it to plain view. Cable lock mechanism can help secure your laptop to an immobile piece of furniture. Also, if you are using laptop, you may use laptop recovery system.
Overall, computers are highly exposed to data loss as internet becomes a . And you know losing data can be very frustrating especially when you put all of your hard work on to it, so it is much recommended to put some computer backup

How often should I back up my data?

It’s not a day-to-day basis when you need to backup your data. Often times, you will backup your data upon changes in your existing files, (e.g. new files created) which you think would be hard for you to recreate as it might be deleted.

What is backup network?

Backup on network is another method to back up computer files. This is usually preferred by businesses because they need extensive protection of data. It is done via use of internet and storing files online which the latter stores in specific data memory or storage. Some companies offering internet backup servics were established for public aid. Users pay an equitable amount on certain terms and agreement. For some larger company, they have their own backup network for its company’s private use.

What is computer backup?

Computer backup is way of saving your files from theoretical data loss against fortuitous events due to acts of God like earthquake, fire, flood etc. Even malfunctioning of computer itself such as computer hard drive fail, corrupted data of computer or infected computer virus can delete your files. Someone can personally delete or steal your files. If you value your data, be sure to backup your computer files.

What should I back up?

Generally, backing up data depends on the user himself. For others, a specific data maybe useless but for your, it might be very important for some reasons. Usually the data being back upped is related to your work or any important personal data like projects, pictures, videos, programs.

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